Meet Rosettes Spoke Person Faiza Khan

Faiza Khan
Faiza Khan is Peshawer based fashion blogger , A creative writer in the blogging community with a blog name (faizablogga), She write about the latest trends happening in the fashion industry national and international both. img-20160706-wa0176ppppp

Alizai: How did it all start? What’s the story behind your career & the blog?
Faiza Khan: It all started back in 2013 when I left Pakistan institute of Fashion and Design Lahore and wanted to start something for the peace of my i came up with the idea of blog. Fashion blogging was still something very alien for people in Peshawar back when i started it but that paved my way to the best of me. Within a few months of starting as a fashion blogger, I got offers from reputable companies. Fashion blogging didn’t just make me write for clothing but it also made me feel empowered. It helped me switching from classic fashion reporting to modern means of reporting and I also teach this skill to new comers in the field of fashion and freelancing, especially women.

Alizai: Could you tell us something more about your life style?
Faiza  Khan: I’m a very diverse person; I just do whatever makes me happy. My blog is the most important part of my life, however beside my blogging, I am a full time student but i know how to spare some time for myself and my family, Like every normal person I hang around with my friends at university and sometimes go out and yes we do gossip a little. I’m just an ordinary girl living a little extraordinary life

Alizai: We’d like to ask about your clothing style What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
Faiza  Khan: My clothing style is very casual but voguish because I spend most of my time at university, I do like  getting dressed up formal as well. Green is my favorite color and I am always pulled to floral prints and strong colors . img_7849ppppp

Alizai: Would you agree that jewelry is also a lifestyle? What kind of jewelry do you wear on the daily basis? Do you like to wear Traditional or Contemporary Jewelry?
Faiza  Khan:Jewelry actually is part of our lifestyle, I love contemporary jewelry long necklaces knuckle rings, layered necklaces. I do like to wear jewelry whenever I go out, I believe a girl is incomplete without jewelry.

Alizai: Share your words about all the designs of Rosettes?
Faiza  Khan: 
I have visited the website and loved it. It’s very royal and all the designs are so luxurious and magnificently detailed.

Alizai: Where can we find you on social media? Share all the links
Faiza  Khan:
Here you go

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