Team Rosttes meets Zahra Azam…

Hellow! Ladies and gentlemen, we present you the interview with Zahra Azam, a Peshawar based Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Blogger and Spoke Person of Rosettes Peshawar Region.

Who is Zahra Azam?
Some women do beat all odds.Zahra Azam is a bold and prominent face amongst the Peshawar social circle. She is a fashion, beauty, lifestyle blogger, a web developer and a business management graduate. What we love about Zahra is that she knows who she is and is not afraid of what her career path may hold for her. Zahra Azam is a fashion and beauty enthusiast. Zahra Azam use her style to experiment and push the boundaries.  As she joins Rossette Pakistan this month, we asked her a few questions to get started. img_0386-1

How did it all start? What’s the story behind your career & the blog?
From very beginning, I’ve always been very interested in the fashion and beauty industry. In 2013 when I launched “ Lastwordstory”  KPK based Fashion Blog. I had no background of Fashion or blogging. All I did was to share my views about fashion and beauty and I think this was one way through which I could share my love towards different aspects of life. Also, it was just the whole idea of being able to express my style on a platform since fashion, beauty, styling, lifestyle were pretty much on my mind all the time.And that’s how I started“ Lastwordstory.


As I told you before, I come from a background that’s very far removed from fashion.I have always loved fashion but I did not take it up as a field of education or career. I started my blog as a hobby, which eventually now, is become my profession. My journey has been a fantastic one so far.
Well Zahra, how do you manage time to run your blog efficiently, among other things?
As I was juggling school, an internship, and blogging, yes it did get a little difficult. However, I tried to be as consistent as possible. So I used to put up blogs on the weekends. Now whenever I get time from my studies and university routine, I start observing and sharing latest fashion trend on my blog. There are times when I sit in the class and start typing new posts.  When I started blogging, I never realized that I would end up doing it all the time. I am giving in all my time to blogging. imgmm_1758

Would you agree that jewelry is also a lifestyle? What kind of jewelry do you wear on the daily basis?Yes, it is a part of women’s fashion or lifestyle. It makes a huge difference on your personality.  Jewellery pieces not just make one look elegant and beautiful but also make them more confident. Wearing the right jewellery will go a long way when it comes to complementing your dress as well as personality.

Do you like to wear Traditional or Contemporary Jewelry?
Yes, I love wearing jewellery but since I’m huge on comfort and effortless style, I usually like to wear contemporary. But when it comes to occasions like “mehndis” or shadis I definitely prefer going with traditional.

What is your personal style statement?
I personally believe in constantly experimenting while making sure I’m confident and comfortable in what I wear. Be it dresses or jewellery.

Share your words about all the designs of Rosettes?
I really loved all the designs and pieces by the team  Rosettes. The collection is beautiful and very chic. I like the fusion of traditional and modern touch in all the pieces. Love the delicate and intricate work. The designs are very unique. I’m just so happy having them in my collection and being a part of Rosettes Pakistan.
My favorite from Rosettes is BLACK SWAN COSTUME JEWELRY!IMG_4177

What advice would you give to young girl readers who want to follow a similar career/hobby path as you?
All I want to tell young girls is, to take up blogging only and only if you are passionate about something, be it travelling, fashion, food, beauty etc. To be successful in this career you need to be as consistence and dedicated as possible.One more thing is that always be yourself and believe in yourself. Look where that’s got me!

Where can we find you on social media?
Almost everywhere on all the social media. I’m a very active social media user.I am really thankful to my parents who supports me in everything I do – I don’t think I would’ve been able to achieve much personally or professionally without their unwavering support. I can definitely thank social media for making me look cooler than who I am in real life!.
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