Fall 2016-17 Jewelry Trends in Pakistan

 Q Mobile Hum Bridal Couture Week

This year every one enjoyed the fashion trends at Q Mobile Hum Bridal Couture Week directed by Vaneeza Ahmed.  As a jewelry designer I was especially excited to see how brides can show these 2016 trends. Traditional, funky, over the top, trendy chokers, and yes, there was serious innovation in Pakistani jewelry styles this year. Here are seven trends for 2016 we observed in Q Mobile Hum Bridal Couture Week.

Maang Tikkas
Forget the classic and even upbeat Maand tikkas styles. Grab your necklace and convert it to a crown style tikka.

15241895_1828527124057777_8498875593158697027_n 11209440_1828540837389739_6205397811234507174_n

Extra chunky necklaces
Chunky, extra large, oversized; they don’t begin to describe the super huge statement pieces. Some are multi-strands while others are a single, super large piece.
15171008_1828526850724471_5511801396254631741_n  15178141_1828540874056402_8814707644686972359_n 15178254_1828493937394429_3752271054206246248_n     15219971_1828540617389761_7015864557823878698_n

Symmetric Necklaces and Nose Ornaments
 Traditional necklaces and Nose ornaments are in Fashion these days.
15181537_1828493854061104_2139602086748694904_n 15171145_1828493820727774_1050093965169444023_n

Double down
Double stranded long necklaces have never been so popular! But now a days we see such kind of statement pieces on the ramp.
15203285_1828540820723074_6666632856460751556_n 15230774_1828539767389846_2653226398523971237_n

15179015_1828546640722492_5162325167736175133_n 15171110_1828493840727772_1961297400226183654_n

Long Earrings
Revised jhumkas, artsy bohras, and 1920s Gatsby-esque tassel earrings.
15220095_1828527280724428_4577253605408023788_n  15135945_1828526817391141_8671756816036375606_n

The Modern Traditional
Want your traditional gold? Pakistani jewelry designers maintains the classic styles while keeping up with the times.
15178060_1828539740723182_1194205918300832253_n  15170996_1828527307391092_339343304670550282_n

Traditional Chokers and Head Ornaments are still a girl’s best friend
Indeed there was a true innovation in the jewelry trends this year.  Traditional Chokers and Head Ornaments much appreciated.
15192545_1828539760723180_3250169861406386815_n 15219986_1828546787389144_7792965568313102298_n


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